Starting From Necessity

Although I went to school (Temple University) for filmmaking… well, Radio-Television-Film, as it was referred to then… some years after graduating, I found myself doing graphic design work instead. I can trace my first ‘design’ work back to about 1971 or so when my old friend, Dan Hartman, asked me to design a logo for his band, The Legends. Using coins to trace out the arcs and an old plastic ruler for the straight lines, I mangled something together. It was pretty bad, but I thought decent at the time. After getting a job as ‘film director’ for a local ad agency a few years later (The Communicators), I was asked to ‘pitch in’ with some design work since film projects were scarce. Thanks to the art director, Terry Seaford, I was able to work on a few things. In fact, Terry introduced me to real design tools I never knew existed (Rapid-o-graph pens, amberlith, opaquing solution, stat camera, etc). I struggled. My skills were terrible… but I got better. Finally, a few years after leaving that company, I began freelancing when John Price (Harristown Corporation) asked if I could prepare some large display graphics for a press conference the next day. I cobbled up some basic tools from the hardware store and an art supply house and got it done. I’ve not stopped since. Of course, all the work from those days was purely ‘by hand.’ Finally, I got my hands on a Macintosh computer about 1989. Now, just about everything I do creatively starts with a Mac.

Here are only a small sampling of pieces I’d done from about 1992 to 2006.

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