The word is from the Greek, symmetria “agreement in dimensions.” That must be why I’m drawn to it. To have anyone or anything agree these days is an accomplishment. To have a visual agreement is even better—even more satisfying. And, why am I surprised? Humans are, more or less, symmetrical Well, we’re not REALLY, are we? If you have the technical capability, try taking a straight-on photo of your face, selecting one half of it, copying it, flipping it, and matching it in the center (giving yourself, for example, two left eyes, mirroring each other). Now, THAT’s symmetrical. And, it shows we’re not all that… symmetrical. Ahh, so maybe THAT’s the real reason it’s so pleasing to view accurate symmetry? We’re given the suggestion we’re equal (humans, visually), mirrored halves when, in fact, we’re a mockery of symmetry. No matter the reason, I very much enjoy taking an image, dividing it, and echoing it. I find it soothing and satisfying. It’s also a nice way of reinventing an old image without having to leave the house. I like shooting ‘corners,’ as well—sort of another form of symmetry. But, that’s for another post.


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