Old Timey

There WAS a time before video. There was a time before video digitizing. There was a time before video editing on the computer and being able to post those videos for the world to view. Mind you, I’m not waxing lyrical about ‘the old days.’ I don’t much miss ’em… mainly because it was more expensive to create motion/sound work. Shooting 100 feet of film cost, in the day, about $500 when you factor in the film cost, the processing of the camera footage, paying for an editable copy then, an answer print, and the subsequent viewable copy (and I’m not including the cost of the editing itself or marrying an audio track to the visual). And, believe me: five hundred bucks was worth a heck of a lot more then than it is now. It also took weeks. It was costly to fix errors or to act on second thoughts. That’s changed. Still… there IS the charm of that period that’s tough to beat.

These few examples were among my very first attempts at creating creativity. Before these, I’d done only television news stories and documentaries (I’m not counting my college Super-8 class projects). To these early attempts, silliness reigns. It was more important to me, at the time, just to ‘make something.’ I was experimenting and didn’t want content to get in the way of action. All part of creative growth, I should think.

And, it should be stated here (or somewhere) that my energy was primed by my good friend, Paul DeNooijer. He’s still my dear friend and he still inspires me. The last example below is a short piece he and I created during one of my numerous visits to his home in Holland. Ultimately, he and I worked together on quite a number of similar projects—one of these days, I’ll count them.

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