The Sound of One Shoe Dropping

As with almost any audio exercise I set out to create, very little is predetermined. That was true in this case except I did give myself one basic parameter: all of the sounds were to be recorded using ‘things’ in my house. On some, I’d simply place the microphone near an object or machine that was manufacturing a sound by its own function. On others, I’d intervene and move, drop or slide the object and record the resulting sound that action created. After an hour or so of recording these varied objects and operations, I loaded them onto the computer and set out to trim, stretch and/or repeat the recorded snippets based on a standard BMI (beats per minute) timeline using Apple’s Logic Pro audio software. Of course, when it hit my fancy, I’d add the occasional echo, reverb or distortion to embellish certain sounds. This recording is the result. Only those sounds I recorded and edited that day are included.

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