Boxed and Packaged

Among the common objects I seem to have an affinity for—like ‘ladder,’ ‘chair,’ ‘stripes,’ and ‘square’— is the idea of ‘packages.’ I’ve not really deeply examined why this is the case but it might have something to do with idea of  hidden potential or even the basic notion of having a space well-defined. There’s a controlled order to packages (especially cardboard boxes) that I enjoy—six sides defining a space. To demonstrate this interest, I’d created both a series of photographs at one point and even produced a short video on the general subject.

The short video involved the repetition of wrapping and unwrapping a box. The box is wrapped in brown paper and, additionally, tied to hold the paper against the box. As with a number of my short videos, the concept is in the examination of the simplified act. There may or may not be a conscious meaning assigned. Mostly, I’d rather not think about it. I much prefer just doing it, first, then concern myself with any meaning later.

The photographic series takes a single open box as I examine it from sixteen different angles and attitudes. I arrived at sixteen views because I wanted to display them in four rows of four boxes. Reason enough. I’m showing, here, the separate box images and as the final composite.

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