Spoken Days

I’ve designed a number of graphic calendars over the years. Mostly they were used as promotional pieces for printers to demonstrate their abilities. Some were just intended to remind people that a company existed—at least with calendars, there’s a slightly better chance the recipient won’t be discarding it the day they get it. But, after having done a glut of them, I began thinking how the concept of ‘calendar’ could be reinvented. If not from a practical standpoint, at least conceptually. It came to me create a calendar one would hear rather than see. An audible calendar. No, it’s probably not a very useful approach, but it was a way to think differently about how we reference the days of a year. I asked a number of artists I know around the world to help out. Eleven were asked to choose a month for the upcoming year, 2007 (I chose my own birth month, March, for myself). They were instructed to record their voice speaking each day of that chosen month: Tuesday, March 3rd… Wednesday, March 4th… etc. I requested they speak their days in their own language. Their inflection, pacing, phrasing, etc., was their choice. I received their digital audio files and placed those against a sound track that I would produce, specifically with them in mind. Here are the completed recordings:

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