iPhone Snaps

One of the many joys of the iPhone is the quality of the integrated camera. We rarely leave the house without our phones, but we don’t often bother grabbing a camera if we’re just running out to the mall or taking a walk. Having a reasonably good camera with the phone makes those impromptu moments happy moments.¬†Additionally, there’s something wonderful about taking a photo with a mobile phone because no one’s really expecting it to look tremendous or exhibition quality. Therein is the deeper joy. Add to that, the endless choice of free or cheap photo apps to embellish the image, and you’ve got the makings of a satisfying form of on-the-spot self-satisfaction. Besides, photos are more interesting to post on Facebook than someone’s feeble meanderings.

The iPhone Camera is what I tend to have with me lately when I’m out and about snapping things I come across. But, before that, I’d used a slightly better point-n-shoot camera during my jaunts. I have a collection of those in a book I’ve created. You can buy it here.

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