Shooting Chairs

Sure, I like chairs as well as the next seated person but, no, I don’t think I’m obsessed. It’s really one chair I find fascinating. That chair was found years ago by my lovely, bargain-hunting wife, Janette. When she brought it home, I just thought of it as yet another object we have to find space for. Then, one snowy January day, I got bored and felt the need to create a few photographic images. The chair seemed a good stand in (or, sit in). Because I enjoy irony and silly human, I placed the chair in an odd situation. I posted it (on Flickr, at that time, but no longer). A few folks found it interesting and even humorous. And, like any childlike adult, I wanted more attention, so I did another. Four years later and a few hundred ‘chair pix’ later, I’m still thinking of ideas for my iconic chair. I’ve produced a book of the earlier ‘chair’ photographs. You can buy a copy here.

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